A Surui tale

The Surui people have an oral tradition. All the history, their
philosophy and their mythology are passed on generation
to generation through the chanting of tales.

One of the first pictures I took in the Surui forest was this amazing one of a humming bird. The reaction of the Surui was that the little humming bird did his job by coming and posing for the photo, giving them the sign that Aquaverde was welcome by nature on their territory.

A second sign came in 2009, when, in a reforestation area, we found a humming bird nest with 2 eggs in an Andiroba tree planted 3 years before… and the final sign in 2010, (our background image) this time I could  see new born humming birds in one of the project’s Açai tree.

We are all humming birds

As the great Forest was burning,
the little humming bird
rushed to the river,
took a drop of water
in his tiny beak and then flew
to drop it over the fire.

All the other animals of the forest
laughed at him:
“What do you really think
you are going to change
with your drop of Water ?”

The humming bird answered:
“I will not put the fire out by myself,
but I am doing my part.
It is up to you to do your part”…

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