“Hi, my name is Grace, I would like to help you, what what can I do?”…
A july afternoon at the Paleo Festival, she appears as by enchantment at the Aquaverde stand. She enlightens our day, chooses a few Surui arts and crafts collars which she tells us she will wear for the night’s concert, because, yes, she sings tonight under this big tent over there… and she would like to act to support our cause..

After the concert, charmed by this noble soul, Chief Almir offers Grace a ritual collar and Aquaverde, the plantation of 10 trees in her name in the Amazon. Aquaverde is honored to welcome Grace as a honorary member of Aquaverde and as an ambassador for the Great Forest.

On that 2009 evening, as she seales a lasting bond with Surui leader Almir and Aquaverde, she is no yet aware that it will take her to the end of the world on a journey which will change her perception of life and that of her musicians who join with her…

Grace’s speech at the 2010 Cacoal concert

“In summer 2009, while we were playing in a huge international festival called PALEO we met the president of this wonderful assocaition AQUAVERDE named Thomas and he introduced us to a great indigenous leader named Almir Surui.


We were immediately moved by the incredible GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE that Almir had as he spoke to us of their goals for a GREEN ECONOMY which MEET THE NEEDS OF THE WHOLE WORLD


We learned that Almir is GREATLY RESPECTED ALL OVER THE WORLD and recognized here as one of Brazil’s 100 most influential people.


He has earned respect from people like Prince Charles and Google owners among others who are paying close attention to what he is developping.


We all know today how the indigenous peoples all over the world have been persecuted and continue to struggle today to keep their ancient wisdom alive !


We also know that the ECOSYSTEMS of the world are all connected and interrelated.


We know too that the virgin rainforests contain more biodiversity and medicinal remedies in one small parcel than in all the countries of Europe.


So we all can recognise the importance of preserving these precious resources…


Almir and his people have given us the opportunity to learn from their ancestral wisdom to live in harmony with our planet. If the Surui have survived and are here today , it is precisely because they a deep and powerful understanding of the forests’ value.


We now know that the whole of humanity we will only survive if we adopt a sustainable relationship with our planet and our goals reflect the needs of our future generations.


Surui Children start distributing seeds in the 1000 people audience


Let us join together by planting these seeds of change, take these seeds and plant them today”




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