Aquaverde is providing financial support and international visibility support to the Surui indigenous people of the Amazon since 2004.


It consists in funding the Surui reforestation project PAMINE ( which means ” Rebirth” in Surui language) on their 248.000 hectares secured demarcated indigenous territory:


This project will allow them to reforest zones deforested by colonists in the past, over 1 million trees, as well as allow them to protect the vast areas still virgin forest (93% of their land).


The tribe has initiated the PAMINE project as a showcase to the world, to prove by a concerte action on the ground that sustainable management of the forest is the only way for survival, not only of their tribe but of humankind as a whole.


Their project is planned to be replicated among as many as possible of the 180 other tribes of brazilian Amazon.


However, provinding the “Guardians of the Forest” only with financial support for reforestation is not efficient on its own. To insure perenity of the benefits, Aquaverde is supporting them in parrallel to build their capacitation for self reliance for all technical and management skills required.


Aquaverde also endeavours to provide the financial support requested by the Surui to acquire the education skills required to save their civilisation and environment, develop side by side with western civilisation and free themseves from dependance on external interferences.


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