Grace sings for the Rainforest

On february 6 2010, Grace and her musicians sing for the Surui People and the Amazon Forest

“Let the beauty you love be what you do.”Rumi

South west of the Amazon, State of Rondônia, Brasil.
Relations between the indigenous communities and the local population are often tense in the Amazon region. Huge agro-business interests and the common idea that “development” means abusive exploitation of the forest clash with the determination of indigenous people to keep their rainforest territories intact and managed in a sustainable way.


Indigenous communities need standing forest to survive

Grace gave a concert in the town closest to the Surui territory (60km). The goal was to enable the Surui to host an event which would have a positive impact on the local population, promoting the urgency to respect the remaining rainforest and a better integration of indigenous communities. Cacoal is a city of 80.000 inhabitants, the third largest city in the brasilian state of Rondônia, its growing wealth resulting mainly from cattle ranching, logging and mining.

The Surui tribe organised the concert, with support from local authorities, involving the town Prefeitura and the Cacoal Cultural foundation who provided the new 1000 seats Cacoal theater. Many businesses also sponsored the event. We specially thank the Açai Palace Hotel for providing free lodging for Grace, her musicians and the Aquaverde team. On the international level, our partner the swiss Paleo festival also sponsored the event.

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